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SBA 504 Partnership Program

This is a program to partner with your bank to offer a very competitive SBA 504 commercial mortgage option for your small business clients with the best service in the industry.

  • Preserve Account Relationship-  There is no risk of losing your customer's existing banking business since we do not provide any other banking services.   You can turn a "no" into a positive result for your customer and your bank.  
  • New Business Opportunities-  You write new business by providing a lower risk 1st mortgage at only 50% LTV, while we underwrite and fund a 2nd mortgage at a combined LTV of up to 90% at a below market rate (government guaranteed).  We handle all the paperwork on the 2nd and close simultaneously with your 1st mortgage.
  • Best in Class Service-  A closing can be expedited anywhere in the country.  

Factoring Services 

We can also provide a very competitive factoring option when it is the right choice for your customer.

Including contractors (even if they are bonded), healthcare providers, and other challenging industries.  

Other Opportunities

These are areas that do not fit your bank's lending criteria due to the industry, time in business, type collateral, closing deadline, credit score, terms required, etc.

[REFERRAL FEES are paid for transactions that are closed... so everyone will benefit.]

We never charge an upfront fee and always think of the customer first!

Please contact Gary Sloan at 770-213-4467, or by email at for more information.


Thank you.

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