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For ALL Locations:

  • Copy of Most Recent Statements to verify liquid assets reported on Personal F/S  -  Bank, Money Markets, Investment Accounts (Stocks, etc.) 
  • Vendor & Contractor Invoices or Cost Sheets for Equipment, Signage, & Build-Out  (for new construction only)- include Canceled Checks or Paid Invoices to verify down payments or advances for reimbursement requests.
  • Location Lease (OR key pages with signatures included)
  • Legal Land Description (if not included in Location Lease-- request from Landlord)
  • Store #, Address (incl. Zip), County, & Phone No. - for ea. location that is part of the loan. 
  • Articles of Incorporation (or Articles of Organization
  • Franchise Agreement  (copy of Front Page & Signature Page)

For Acquisitions:

  • Purchase/Sale Agreement (signed)
  • List of Major Equipment (SN's./ Model Nos. are not required)  

For REFI's (in addition to above):

  • Lender Contact Info + Loan No. (to request Pay-Off Letter) 
  • List of Major Equipment (SN's./ Model Nos. are not required)  

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